Adoption Overview

Adopting an animal should not be an impulse decision or done in haste. Please take the time to research which breed would be best for you & your family. We can help you with this at the shelter or you can do it online at We also recommend that you make frequent visits to the shelter – spend time with the animals you might be interested in – get to know them & let them get to know you.

We want our animals to be happy with you and you to be happy with the animal(s) you’ve chosen to become a member of your family.

Pricing and Other Information

Adoption Fees

Senior Small Breed Dogs (10 yrs+) — $100
Senior Large Breed Dogs (7 yrs+) — $75
Dogs — $200
Puppies (6 months and under) — $300
Senior Cats (10 yrs +) — $50
Cats — $100
Kittens (6 months and under) — $125
Includes: spay/neuter, vaccines, flea treatment, deworming, microchipping, and a complimentary vet visit.


We recommend that all dogs adopted be indoor or indoor/outdoor dogs with an enclosed kennel area. This eases the risk of loss, diseases, injury, etc. Please take the proper precautions during inclement weather – especially extreme cold.
Cats/kittens should be kept strictly indoors to avoid disease, injury, loss and predators.


We want our adopted pets to have a safe transition. Please have the following items ready to transport your pet from the SPCA to your home: All cats must go home in a pet carrier. All dogs must go home with a properly fitting collar and on a leash.

Adoption Form

Are you ready for a new best friend and unconditional love?  If you are 21 yrs or older and interested in adoption please fill out our online adoption application.

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If you suspect animal cruelty in Cattaraugus County please call your local police department.